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Brucie wants you to take out some guys, but they're in hiding. To find where they are, you're going to need a cop car.

Calling The Cops
You can either start trouble with the cops, or randomly drive around until you find one, but my preferred method is to whip out the cell phone and dial 911, then request police. Hide away from the road, then when they get out of their car to inspect the area, steal it and escape the one star wanted level.

Lyle Rivas
Once you've lost the wanted level, Brucie will call you and tell you to use the cop car computer to search for a known whereabouts for Lyle Rivas. Bring up the computer and search the database for "Rivas" and you should find who you're looking for. You can then add the guys house to your radar.

Once he's added to the map, follow your GPS and pay him a little visit. After you enter his house and chat to him, he'll jump out of the window and try to make a getaway, so jump in your car and chase after him.

Cry Me A Rivas
Perform a drive by on him until his car catches fire, then you can attempt to run him over, or just shoot him once he's bailed, and you'll be given a very generous reward.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $3500


Mission Tips

  • Pack your car outside Rivas' house so that you can quickly run to it when he makes his get away.
  • Make sure you have a decent drive-by weapon, such as an Uzi. Try going to the gun shop on your way to his house.


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