Hung Out To Dry

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Hung Out To Dry

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Vlad tells you that another guy isn't paying him, and he wants you to deal with it.

Doing The Laundry
Once you're outside, grab a vehicle and make your way to the laundromat. Go inside, and the shop keeper will attempt to run away after you speak with him. Quickly run out the back of the building, chasing him, then steal one of the parked cars and prepare chase him on the road.

Hey, You... Stop!
You need to crash into his vehicle a few times to make him stop. Don't shoot at his car though. It's best to chase him down long straights then smash into the side of him as he turns. If you chose the Sentinal when stealing a car, you'll more likely have more power and shouldn't have any problem keeping up with him, so just crash into his van whenever you can and eventually he'll get scared and tell you he's going to pay.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $100


Mission Tips

  • Notice the logo on the side of the laundromat van? Monthly Cycle? Teehee.


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