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GTA4 Characters

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Rockstar has said that most of the characters seen in past Grand Theft Auto's will not be returning. On the other hand, Houser was asked if there would be any returning characters and he gave an intriguing smile... Perplexed are we?
Niko Bellic

An Eastern European immigrant in his mid-thirties, who has come to Liberty City to pursue the "American Dream". He is a tough character with experience in hand to hand combat and handling weaponry. Possibly had a military background.
Roman Bellic

Roman is a friendly buffoon. He is heavily in a debt and everyone is after him, so he turns to his cousin for help. He runs a taxi depot in Broker, and it is a floundering business. It seems like Roman's laundry list of problems doesn't have an end in sight.
Vlad Glebov

Vlad views himself as the supreme ruler of Hove Beach despite the fact he's actually very low on the totem pole. He's constantly trying to get in with the more powerful crime lords of Liberty City while only running mostly minor protection rackets.

For over a decade Elizabeta has been a very successful drug dealer in Bohan, mostly because she knows how to keep a low profile with Liberty City’s finest. However she knows an upcoming drug crackdown is going to make her life very difficult and with her own narcotic use spiraling out of control she’s becoming increasingly paranoid and delusional.
Manny Escuela

When Manny was a young man he was a hoodlum, involved with the people who created graffiti, hip-hop and breakdancing. But he never was one to draw attention to himself and apparently nobody knows about his great triumphs...except for him. Now he’s turned over a new leaf and is all about cleaning up the neighborhood and keeping the kids off the streets and out of trouble, and to prove it he’s out to make a documentary about himself and his struggle.

Brucie is a man of many different faces. He’s really into bodybuilding, a car nut, and a major VIP (if he does say so himself). He’s loud, he’s into hip-hop way too much, and he’s always going to make sure you know exactly how much money he’s got. He’s got nothing but the finest women, accessories, and anabolic steroids...just like the men in the magazines he reads. That’s how he rolls.
Little Jacob

He is a Jamaican arms dealer. Seems as if he is your contact for weapons early in the game and you can call him with your cell phone. When you go to his car trunk, you scroll through the weapons like you did at the Ammu-Nations in previous GTA's. He lives in Rotterdam in the Dukes borough of Liberty City.
Phil Bell

Phil Bell is a perfectly 'legitimate' 'businessman' based in Alderney. You certainly don't want to cross this guy.
Francis McReary

This bastard is a corrupt cop. He knows of a felony Niko has committed, and uses it as blackmail against him.
Packie McReary

Although he is a close relative of Officer Francis McReary, Packie himself is a member of Liberty City's Irish gangs. It appears that he is a close friend of Elizabeta and possibly one of her clients.
Bledar Morina

Bledar Morina, an Albanian thug located in southern Broker, is known for being a loan shark, blackmailer and a major fitness nut.
Bryce Dawkins

Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins is a very strong conservative member of Liberty City's government. Known throughout the city for his Health Initiatives, including an ad campaign in support of abstinence.

If you couldn't already tell, Lola is a prostitute. She works the Docks! Not much is known about her at this moment.
Playbox X

Playboy X owns a mansion in Algonquin and is introduced to Niko through Elizabeta. He is a mission contact throughout the game. Playboy used to be in business with his friend Dwayne Moore who has recently been released from prison, however he has now moved on without him.
Mikhail Faustin

Nothing is known about Faustin, apart from his character being shown on some pre-game artwork.

Yusuf is a wealthy Arab who Playbox X is trying to impress.
Dwayne Moore

Dwayne is a friend of Playbox X and has just been released from prison. He feels that Playboy and the whole world have moved on, leaving him behind in the past.
Tom Goldberg, Esq.

A partner with the law firm Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster. He has some kind of dirt on Officer Francis McReary...which might not be such a good position to be in.

Ray is an Italian mobster who may work for/with Phil Bell.

Karen is thereceptionist working for the Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster's law firm in Algonquin.

All that is known about Mallorie is that she's Roman Bellic's girlfriend.


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