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SanAndreas DeveloperTool

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SanAndreas Developer Tool

To use this tool to please their muesst the contents of this file in the installation folder of SanAndreas,
or VC2SA or LC2SA, or United, while the vorbisFile.dll ueberschrieben.
This tool is still a beta version.

F4 - Tele Porter, mark on the map a position through the Red point, go back into the game and because F4.

F5 - XTra-HUD, shows many SpielerSpeziefische information.

F6 - JetPack

F7 - CarSpawn

F8 - Never Wanted

Q9 - Fast money

F10 - Weather Tool

F11 - God mode

F12 - Help

The Hydra now has a little more speed, use at your own risk!
Furthermore, I have prepared 3 movie,
a little to show what to do ...

Movie 1

Movie 2

Movie 2


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