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All Random Pedestrians

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Random Pedestrians Walkthrough
Here is the list of Random Pedestrians you will meet. Only a few available at strict time and others available all times after you complete certain missions. This is not the complete list. I will keep updating it until all characters and rewards are posted here. Any contributions will be helpful.

Unlocked after "It's Your Call"

First encounter
Approach him near Romans cabbie business. He makes fun of your 'just off the boat' look and gives you 100 bucks and runs

Second encounter
Approach him near your Broker safe house. He asks you to drive him to Hove Beach. Once there, Brian makes a deal and gets back in the car. He then asks for Wappinger, to which Brian leaves you.

Third encounter
Meet Brian somewhere Downtown. He asks you to drive to a former dealer. They beat Brian up. Shoot the 2 dealers and wait for Brian. Take him back to his place in Wappinger. You will not encounter Brian again

Unlocked after "Shadow"

You will find Badman sitting on a bench in front of a pharmacy in East Island City. He asks you to take him to an alleyway off Carrollton Street. Then you must take down 6 heavily armed gangsters and save Badman. Once the final thug is down, Badman pays and walks off. You will not encounter Badman again.

Unlocked after "Escuela of the streets"

You meet Mel at your old safehouse in Broker. He asks you to take him to a meeting in Outlook. Once there, you are sent to another dark alley, and meet three of the loan sharks. Kill all 3 before they arm themselves then take Mel home. You will not encounter Mel again.

Ilyena Faustin
Unlocked after "The Puerto Rican Connection"

You meet Ilyena near the Broker bowling alley. She asks you to grab the nearby motorcycle and approach her boyfriend Dillon Street. Have a nice little chat with him then walk away. You will not encounter Ilyena again.

Unlocked after "The Puerto Rican Connection"

You meet with Hossan on a street corner in Garnet Street, Suffolk, Algonquin. He sets you 3 tasks. The first to take him to Castle Drive. Once there, a car chase erupts. Shoot at the tyres to slow down the vehicle and then get head shots once they have evacuated. Get out and collect the money. Then drive Hossan to an alley off Feldspar Street. You will not encounter Hossan again.

Unlocked after "The Puerto Rican Connection"
Only available at night (9pm-6am)

First Encounter
Find Sara near Hossan house in Suffolk. She wants to be taken home. Drive her home and then go back to her husband. Beat him up to death.

Second Encounter
Meet Sara at Pier 45 in Fishmarket south. She asks you to collect a box from the shop assistant in a marked Perseus off Middle Park East. You must have $500 free to collect the package. Then take the box back to Sara and you get your $500 bucks back. You will not encounter Sara again.

Unlocked after "The Puerto Rican Connection"

First Encounter
You find Pathos off Star Junction selling CDS. He asks you to take out the guys hassling him. Run after Pathos, who is chasing the baddies. When they enter an alley, kill them, avoiding Pathos the best you can. It is better not to try for headshots because it may hit Pathos instead, and then he's dead.

Second Encounter
Meet him where he was before at Star Junction selling a new CD. He asks you to take out several attackers. Upon completion he asks you to take him to hospital. Once there, its mission over and you will not encounter Pathos agaim

Unlocked after "Photo Shoot"

First Encounter
You will find Jeff on the street corner in East Holland after completing Playboys X's "Photo Shoot" mission. The story goes that he is a jealous husband who is worrying about his wife cheating on him. Your first assignment is go to Jeff's wife, and take a picture of them his wife and the cheater together. Once you arrive at the home, they leave in car. Don't go too far close or too far forward. They go to Superstar Café. Get an image of them using your phone and send it to Jeff

Second Encounter
Meet Jeff in the parking garage off Silicon Street near Middle Park. He gives you a car and sends you to Walnut Way, with his wife's body in the back of the car. Drive to the coastline, jump out the car and let it sink it the water.

Third Encounter
You see Jeff on sidewalk bench in Suffolk. He asks you to kill his new wife, but you refuse, to which Jeff gets run over by a car and you receive his pay. Since he is now dead, you won't be seeing him again

Unlocked after "The Holland Play and "Ruff Rider"
She must be saved in Ruff Rider to become available

You meet Cherise (if she is still alive) outside Cluckin Bell in Northwood Algonquin. Pick up Cherise and 'talk' to her new boyfriend. When you arrive at the destination, you will find him at the skateboard ramps. Beat him till death. He is heavily armed if you strike a gun, so remain weaponless until necessary. Once dead, talk to Cherise. She doesn't care and walks off. Since you got nothing for it, you think its better just to leave her alone. You will not encounter Cherise again.

Unlocked after completing ''Three Leaf Clover'' for Packie McCreary.

First Encounter
Marnie is found in the park in City Hall, between Liberty Lane and Diamond Street. You must drive Marnie to Alderney City so she can purchase Drugs from her dealer, once you drop her off, you give her $500 and she gets her drugs, mission passed.

Second Encounter
Found between Quartz Street and Ivy Drive South in Varsity Heights, Algonquin.
After a bit of abuse, Marnie will ask you to drive her to Grand East Terminal so she can go back home to the Midwest. Grab a motor, take her there, and its job done, you give Marnie another $500.

Gracie Ancelotti
Found at a house between Babbage Drive and Hardtack Avenue in Acter, Alderney.

Walk near to Gracie and she recognizes you as the man who kidnapped her, she screams for the 5 Ancelotti Heavies protecting her. There's a guy on a balcony and the rest are ground level, kill them and mission passed, no reward.

Eddie Low
Unlocked after “Actions Speak Louder than Words”.

First encounter:
Near AutoEroticar Dealership in Berchem, Alderney. Between 12 - 4:00AM.
He talks to Niko, acts very weird and needs a ride to get rid of something.
Take Eddie out to the docks to reach his destination, and then to the Westminster area after that.

I did this mission in a beat up cop car with 2 backup guys inside. Didn't know that was even possible.

Second encounter:
South of where you first met him, vicinity of Berchem, Alderney. Between 12 - 4:00AM.
This time he has no bag for delivery, but immediately starts creeping Niko out again.
Basically, confessing to sick crimes, and when Niko says it's not cool,
Eddie stresses he can't control himself, and attacks Niko with a knife.
Kill him to complete the mission.


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