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Friends (guide)

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There are 10 friends available to you in the game GTA IV. Although you may communicate with all 10 friends, which all offer their own perks, due to story repecussions later in the game, you only have to communicate with 6 of them to get the 100% status. This guide will walk you through a quick start dating guide, 6 friends, followed by the 4 remaining friends which don't compliment towards 100%

Dating Quick Start

Dating women is unlocked after the third mission 'First Date'. You call your girlfriend during the available times (see below) and then pick them up from their house within 1-2 hrs. They are also only available when you are not doing a mission, otherwise you a passed onto the answer phone. When you have organised a date, a heart icon appears on your map, this is the dates house. It is recommended you read the stats below to know what to wear, and what to drive, and where to take them on a date, otherwise you may loose out on your first date. Whatever you do, do not take them to a Strip Club, they will react violently, and possibly dump you on the spot. Getting a private dance is just ridiculed! When on a date, drive safely, and do not pull out your guns. Your girlfriends, no matter what their personality, hate violent people, and would rather have someone clean, than messy. Cop chases end the date immediately. If you get the date right, taking her to her recommended venue, with the right setting, the chances are that on the first date, the 'Try for Luck' option will become available and will work. This will boost your score wildly to 100%. Online girls are slightly different. If the date goes well, ask for her number and the second date Try for Luck, then get your 100% score. You can't keep communication over the internet you know! Also, make sure you take a girlfriend somewhere where your other girlfriend won't hang out, otherwise you loose two girls instead of one!

6 Friends - 2.5% added to status

It may seem a very small percentage added, however it is neccessary for the full completition. The 6 friends are
- Packie
- Brucie
- Little Jacob
- SoBoHoe
- LawChick
- Liberated Woman
The latter 3 are the internet names for your internet dates. They are not their real names, however, they go by them when setting up your first date online.

Packie is unlocked after completing the hardest mission in the game 'Three Leaf Clover'. He is available 15hrs a day between 3pm - 6am. His special ability is unlocked at 60% friendship status, to which one of your six friends is added to your 100% status record. If you are late for the meeting, you will loose a few friendship points, but if you don't show up at all, without phoning him, he will knock your score by 20%. Packie likes - bowling, darts, drinking, pool, show and strip club. His favourite food places during daylight are Burger Shot and Pizza Stack. His nightspot preference is Donnie's Bar.
His special ability involves him making several car bombs, which you can pick up and plant on any car, using your mobile to detonate it. This ability gets knocked off when your friendship gets below 30%.

Brucie is unlocked after the final Brucie mission 'No.1'. He is available 18 hrs a day between 7am - 1am. His special ability is unlocked at 70%, although if you win the race in 'No.1' mission, you friendship is already ski - high. Like Packie, this will get you another tick closer to 100% status record. Also, if you are late for the meeting, or don't show without phoning him, you score will knock wildely. Brucie likes - boating, bowling, drinking ,eating, show, HeliRide and strip club. His favourite food places during daylight are High End, not fast food heaven, and by night, Strip Clubs and high end restuarants (69th Diner is acceptable if you have not unlocked the second island, however once you have, he will require for than the diner)
His special ability involves a helicopter coming to your destination and flying you to a set location. You may set a location waypoint, to which the helicopter will land at the nearest helipad to it. It is recommended that you just let him fly you wherever he wants. This ability knocks off when your friendship is below 40%.

Little Jacob
Little Jacob is unlocked after his mission 'Shadow'. He is available 15hrs a day between 1pm - 4 am. His special ability is unlocked at 60%. Unlike the other two friends, he reacts mildy to be late, and moderately to not showing without calling. This means that score won't got down quickly. Once the ability is unlocked, and tried at least once, it brings you another tick closer to 100% status record. Litlle Jacob is laid back geezer, therefore his requirements are less so. He likes - darts, drinking, eating, pool, show and strip club. He enjoys fast food all day round, and is fond of Club Liberty in Northwood by nighttime.
His special ability is when he brings a car full weapons around in the trunk, and you can buy them at 75% off the price of back street ammunitions! This ability is knocked off after your friendship is below 30%.

The following 3 friends are internet girlfriends. They are all unlocked after 'Out of The Closet' and can be found on two sites, SoBoHoe and LawChick on and Liberated Women on Please note these websites are not real, they are just for in game use. Trying them in real life will link to the official GTA IV website! Once you have 'Try Your Luck' successfully, you will have one more tick towards 100% status, and an ability from each girl.
- SoBoHoe - Gives you health boost if injured
- LawChick - Removes wanted level up to and including 3 stars
- Liberated Women - 50% discount on clothes, for a 24 in game hour period after unlocking
Once you dump the women, or she dumps you, the ability is gone, until you date her again.

Carmen Ortiz lives in Bohan, Fortside. She is usually outside the hospital, where she works. She is awake to call between 1pm and 6am to date. She is very bosy and very picky, as well as requests you an awful lot during the phone. After a few 'Luck' dates, she will tone down and eventually act normal. Carmen likes Sultan RS, Dukes, Stallion , FXT and E109 vehicles to be taken on a date in, but hates Minivans. This counteracts with her dress sense, that she loves Perseus and hates Russian clothes, good when you are practically one!
You loves all the bars in Liberty City, and loves getting drunk. Going to pub shoots you score high and gives you plenty of chances you try some drunk luck. Surprisingly, she doesn't mind strip clubs, saying that she was once one. Whether that means a stripper or a strip club we have yet to find out!

Kiki Jenkins lives on Algonquin near Chinatown, and is a lawyer. Fear not, she is a very soft and considerate lawyer, who does not beg for you as much as SoBoHoe. She is surprisingly much more lovable than Carmen, although she is quite a complicated women. She is awake to call between 6 am and 2am to date. She is calm, cool but asks lots of questions. Kiki likes Washingtons and Willands to date in but hates fast cars, such as Infernus. She also likes Russian clothes, and objects to Perseus clothes. You likes Bowling and Darts, partially because the odds of her winning are pretty high! You loves the Comedy Clubs, but hates the Strip Club to bits, stating its a illegal way to illustrate themselves.

Liberated Women
Alex Chilton lives on in Algonquin and her adverts for herself on is - Party girl seeks man for NSA fun and blog material - 29 (Lancaster - where she lives). After each successful date, she even blogs about how nice Niko is to her! She is available to date between 6am and 2am. She likes Turismo and Stretch cars but hates the Bobcats. She also only likes Perseius clothes. She likes all sorts of venues, including the strip club, which is also one of her favourite locations, but its blogged slightly negatively on her website. She is mildly fusy, except she is a bit of a stripper, so be warned if she ever comes out naked!


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