To Live And Die In Alderney

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To Live And Die In Alderney

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Bell wants to go to the old mansion in Westdyke to see how the drugs you stashed there are getting on.

To The Mansion
Grab the near-by vehicle and drive Phil to the old mansion. Use your GPS if you need any help finding it.

Once you arrive, watch the cutscene where Frankie says he hasn't seen anyone snooping around. As soon as he shows you the drugs and weapons in the trunk, a load of FBI cars will show up.

Hot Pursuit
Speed out of the garage and follow Phil as he heads back onto the main road. Fire a few shots at the FBI car to lose it, then follow Phil as he speeds through the streets.

Continue with the escape driving, and eventually Phil will call you and tell you that you're going to ditch the cars and make your way on foot. Pull into the alley way and watch the short cutscene.

Kill The Cops
Kill the two cops who appear, then head to the other end of the alley. A bunch more cops will appear, followed by a NOOSE van. Kill all of the police, then once they're all dead, follow Phil.

He'll lead you to a parked van, but as you approach it, a police chopper will appear. You can either shoot it down, or just get in the van and escape. Either way you'll need to get in the van and try to lose the cops.

Lose Them
You can either try to out run the cops, or head to the Pay N' Spray. Remember to make sure no cops see you go in otherwise they won't be able to spray you. If you're having too much trouble getting a clean run to the pay n' spray, just speed along the long road next to the pay n' spray and head into the built up area of town. After a few streets you should be out of the wanted radius and you'll be free from your 3 stars.

You'll now need to make your way to the safe house, marked on the GPS as a yellow blip.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $12,000


Mission Tips

  • An SMG works very well for taking out the cops during the shootout.
  • You don't need to worry about shooting at any of the cops cars chasing Phil, they're all scripted and will crash when it's time for them to crash.
  • Try to avoid the scripted vehicles which fly into the cop cars, such as the bus, an 18 wheeler and a forklift.
  • If you can't get in the Pay N' Spray without the cops seeing you enter, just outrun them, it's not too difficult.


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