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Jimmy tells you there's a problem with the Pavanos. Some of their guys are in town to collect their piece of an Alderney bookie ring. They're at the diner, so find them, and follow them to the meet.

Tail The Pavano's
Grab the vehicle parked outside and make your way to the diner. After the cutscene, some of the Pavanos guys will try to lose you while they make their way to the meet. Keep on their tail and don't shoot them. Once youu arrive at Auto Eroticar, drive slightly past it, then get out of your car and use it for cover to shoot all of the Pavanos. If you have a grenade or RPG, try blowing up some of the cars in there to make it a bit easier, then move in on foot and wipe up those who are left.

Jimmy will have told you before the mission that you can keep whatever money you take from their dead bodies so run through the carnage and pick up the money before you escape. You'll get a good few thousand dollars.

Once they're all dead you'll need to lose your wanted level, so grab a car and escape before the cops gun you down.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • Using your car as cover is vital for the shootout part of this mission. I'd also suggest parking your car in a place where you can easily use it as a getaway vehicle.
  • Remember to pick up the cash, either before, or after you've lost the cops.


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