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Packie will call you not long after you've killed whoever you chose to kill in "Blood Brothers" and ask you to come to the funeral. He says you'll need a nice suit and some decent shoes, so buy one from Perseus, then head down to the church.

Funeral For A Friend
Watch the cutscene in the church, before you're all attacked by Albanians. Stay crouched at the church entrance and use auto-aim to pick off the three cars worth of enemies, and the few who'll come running through the alley way. Once everyone's dead, all of the guys will get to their cars and escape. Packie wants you to drive the Romero's and take the body to the graveyard.

Bury Him
Get in the car and make your way to the destination on the GPS. Once you're under way, the Albanians will attack the car again, this time using a drive-by. Keep driving, and watch out for the coffin in the back. Don't crash too much or you'll lose the casket. It'll take plenty of damage before it'll fall out though, so just drive fast but carefully and you should be alright.

Once you arrive at the graveyard, pull into the mission marker and watch the cutscene.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • Immediately after the mission, the hearse will be driven away. Chase after it and try to shoot or aim at the driver. He'll get out, then you can take it. This car is immensely rare, and this is the only chance you'll actually have of getting one in the whole game, so I suggest you take it and park it at one of your houses.
  • Gerry McReary will call you from prison after the mission too asking you to come and meet him.


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