Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Gerry wants you to rig a car with a bomb and use it to take out Tony Black. The idea is to make the Ancelotti's think the Albanians are responsible.

Collecting The Bomb
Grab a vehicle and head to the bomb on Inchon Avenue. Once you get the bomb, Niko will call Gerry. The Ancelotti's and Albanians are having a meeting in Little Italy. Tony's car is parked in an alleyway off of Feldspar Street. Gerry wants you to get to it, put a bomb in the trunk and follow them back to the rest of their crew.

Explosives Planted
Make your way to Tony's car using your GPS to guide you. Once you arrive, walk to the back of the car, and plant the bomb under the back of it. Get back in your vehicle and pull over to the other side of the street.

You need to tail the Ancelotti's. Make sure they don't know you're following them though. Stay quite far behind them, but not so far that you start to lose them. After a few minutes, they'll eventually pull up at their headquarters. You need to get out of your car, walk to the safe point marked on your GPS, and call Gerry to detonate the bomb.

Once you've seen the explosive cutscene, you'll need to take out the remaining Ancelotti's. If you have a rifle, try to snipe them, otherwise move in close, take cover behind something and pick them off one by one.

Once they're all dead you'll be left with a two star wanted level which you'll need to escape, so grab your vehicle and outrun the cops.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $9000


Mission Tips

  • Those Mafia guys are incredibly accurate, so make sure you're in some cover towards the end of the mission or you'll end up dead pretty fast.
  • Head to the Pay N' Spray just up the hill to lose the cops a bit quicker.
  • You can plant bombs like these on any cars by becoming good friends with Packie McReary.


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